Right Tool For The Job: Spatulas

Eight different colors and sizes of spatulas lined up next to another

There's more to consider than you might expect when it comes to spatulas, Here are some we recommend, and some to stay away from:

Fish Spatula- named due to its ability to flip delicate pieces of fish, this flexible metal spatula is great for flipping any meat item with ease. These come in metal and non-stick safe varieties, so make sure to go with the second one so you don't scratch your nonstick pan.

Scraper- These are great all-purpose spatulas because their shape allows for flipping, but also scraping as the name suggests. That may sound aggressive, but think about scraping the egg off the edges of a pan, or the last of the batter in a bowl. These come in high-heat silicone so you know they're built to last.

Metal Spatulas- so with all this talk of silicone and non-stick safe, when do you use a metal spatula? For grilling! You'll need metal when dealing with the direct heat of the grill, so make sure you have one if you're a griller.