Right Tool For The Job: Pans

A collection of cooking pans hanging from a rack

Non-stick versus stainless steel vs cast iron, the age-old debate. At Well Seasoned, we want to keep things as simple as possible, which is why you'll notice most of our cooking instructions call for non-stick.

The reason? Again, it's about simplicity. Non-stick pans cause less burning and are easier to clean. For that reason they are great for cheesy items like the Bacon'd Cheddar Steak Burgers or Buffalo'd Chicken Sausages that may stick on other pans, as well as our marinated and rubbed items that could be more difficult to control when cooking at high-heat on stainless steel.

So when are stainless steel pans or cast-iron the right choice? These pans are great when your are searing an item and then finishing it in the oven (like our Stuffed Pork Chops for example) because many (but not all) non-stick pans are not oven-safe. These pans can also impart a better sear and work well for high-heat, quick cook recipes like the Tri-Peppercorn'd Skirt Steak.

So if you're looking for one pan that can do it all, choose an oven-safe non-stick pan. But if you're comfortable cooking on your stainless or cast-iron pans, you'll get great results as well!