Just Add Heat!

An empty frying pan alongside herbs, spices, and seasonings

Preheating your Pan

Just like with the oven, preheating your pan is an important part of getting consistent results, especially when following a recipe. How do you know when your pan is ready to go? Use the Water Boil method! 1. Set the...

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A steak sizzling in a pan, about to be transferred out by a hand holding tongs

Carry-Over Cooking

You may notice that some of our cooking instructions call for removing items from the heat before they reach their target temperature. That's because of carry-over cooking, which is basically the idea that foods will continue to "cook" even after being...

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A collection of cooking pans hanging from a rack

Right Tool For The Job: Pans

Non-stick versus stainless steel vs cast iron, the age-old debate. At Well Seasoned, we want to keep things as simple as possible, which is why you'll notice most of our cooking instructions call for non-stick. The reason? Again, it's about...

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Eight different colors and sizes of spatulas lined up next to another

Right Tool For The Job: Spatulas

There's more to consider than you might expect when it comes to spatulas, Here are some we recommend, and some to stay away from: Fish Spatula- named due to its ability to flip delicate pieces of fish, this flexible metal...

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A seasoned piece of meat in a plastic bag

Defrost like a Pro!

Your Well Seasoned box arrives frozen, ensuring the quality and safety of your products. The key to maintaining that quality all the way through the cooking process is with proper defrosting techniques. The following works for all Well Seasoned products!...

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Cuts of steak lined up on a pan

The Facts on Frozen

At Well Seasoned, we cut and prepare all of our meats fresh, then freeze them to preserve freshness and prepare for shipment. We ship on dry ice, and guarantee your box will arrive cold. All of our products are individually...

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