The Facts on Frozen

Cuts of steak lined up on a pan

At Well Seasoned, we cut and prepare all of our meats fresh, then freeze them to preserve freshness and prepare for shipment. We ship on dry ice, and guarantee your box will arrive cold.

All of our products are individually wrapped and bi-vacuum-sealed for easy cooking and to reduce waste. This allows us to remove any residual moisture or naturally occurring microbes and seal in the freshness. Our blast freezer has fans that blow freezing cold (-40˚F) air at a super-fast velocity that chills our product within minutes, versus your home freezer which only cools to 0˚F. 

The result? Your products are essentially preserved in a state of suspended animation where the normal process of deterioration that occurs in fresh foods is paused. When you're ready to cook, the meats will come back to life better than ever because our seasoning and marinating process takes this process into account, resulting in a deliciously consistent result with every Bravado product.

Why fresh over frozen? Here are just some of the reasons:

-Shipping frozen is safer, since it can be difficult to maintain proper temperature throughout a box while it is in transit when it contains fresh meats and ice packs. 

-Dry ice is the best method for keeping your food cold, and cannot be used when shipping fresh since it will freeze anything within the box during shipment due to its super cold temperature.

-The frozen meat acts as its own ice pack, reducing packaging waste and the size of the box, both much better for our environment. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, happy cooking!