Right Tool for the Job: Food Thermometers

A meat thermometer reading "57.5" in a piece of meat

As we discussed in our post on Cooking Temperatures, a thermometer is the key to precise cooking and consistent results. Sure, you can cook delicious food without it, but we recommend using a thermometer so you get restaurant quality results every time.

Thermometers come in all shapes and sizes. So which one do you buy? We'll break down the 2 different types and our recommendations.

Instant Read Thermometers- These are probably what come to mind when thinking about a cooking thermometer. A simple digital screen attached to a metal probe, these do the job without any frills. Higher-end models tend to read the temperature faster, are more accurate, and can stand up better to heat and water. 

Probe Thermometers- Want to take your temp-reading skills to the next level? A probe thermometer is great because the probe can be inserted at the beginning of the cook and will withstand the heat of the oven. The oven-safe cord will extend out through the edge of your oven door and connect to a digital screen that sits safely outside of the heat. These often come with additional features like an alarm to notify you when your meat has hit the target temperature. 

So which should you buy? We recommend a probe thermometer so that you can monitor the temperature throughout the cook, rather than having to open the oven and stab your food each time you want to check the temperature. Plus, opening your oven too often will lower the oven's temperature and affect the cooking time. Either way, using a thermometer will up your cooking game in no time!