Preheating your Pan

An empty frying pan alongside herbs, spices, and seasonings

Just like with the oven, preheating your pan is an important part of getting consistent results, especially when following a recipe. How do you know when your pan is ready to go? Use the Water Boil method!

1. Set the temperature on your stovetop to the desired setting, and place the pan on the heat source. 

2. Give it a couple minutes, time will vary depending on the type of stove (gas, electric, induction, etc) that you have, but 2-3 minutes is a good ballpark.

3. Get some water on your hands, then flick some of that water onto the pan. If it sizzles and boils away, you know your pan is hot!

4. At this point, you can add the oil as well as the food you're cooking. Keep in mind the pan is hot, so don't add oil until you're ready to add the food otherwise it could burn!