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Just Add Heat!

Well Seasoned Tips and Tricks

We created Well Seasoned to make cooking more fun, convenient, stress-free, and flavorful. Our products are individually portioned, come in a variety of flavors, and arrive frozen for maximum flexibility and quality. Just add heat! Here are some tips on how...

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Right Tool for the Job: Food Thermometers

As we discussed in our post on Cooking Temperatures, a thermometer is the key to precise cooking and consistent results. Sure, you can cook delicious food without it, but we recommend using a thermometer so you get restaurant quality results...

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Understanding Cooking Temperatures

What's the trick to getting that perfectly medium-rare steak or extra-juicy pork chops? The answer is being precise with the temperature to which you cook your meats, and knowing when to remove those items from the heat. For this, using...

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Preheating your Pan

Just like with the oven, preheating your pan is an important part of getting consistent results, especially when following a recipe. How do you know when your pan is ready to go? Use the Water Boil method! 1. Set the...

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Carry-Over Cooking

You may notice that some of our cooking instructions call for removing items from the heat before they reach their target temperature. That's because of carry-over cooking, which is basically the idea that foods will continue to "cook" even after being...

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Right Tool For The Job: Pans

Non-stick versus stainless steel vs cast iron, the age-old debate. At Well Seasoned, we want to keep things as simple as possible, which is why you'll notice most of our cooking instructions call for non-stick. The reason? Again, it's about...

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